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Re: NHL Offseason

I know everyone says that Bettman works for the owners and all that, but I think it's crystal clear that he has to go. Maybe it won't make a difference in the long run, but he is the worst commissioner in all of sports, and we might have 2 seasons cancelled in a period of 8 years under his watch. Owners don't like him (Or at least based on reports I've read saying a majority of the owners hate this lockout) and the Players hate his guts with a passion. For the sake of bringing the peace back to both sides, I don't see how Bettman survives this. His head is on the chopping block and the axe is about to swing.

Right now I do think they should just cancel the season. However, if this lockout doesn't end with Gary Bettman's retirement, then I think it was a waste.
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