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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

It's been a while since the release was brought out but I love the features we're getting. I think the biggest revelation about this was the deleted scenes. No matter how big or small they are, we're getting TNG scenes both in the deleted variety and in terms of Measure of a man, and that excites me. We've all seen these episodes so many times (Or at least most of us) but we're getting scenes we've never seen. In that sense, they're going back into the Vault and releasing brand new TNG. I think that qualifies as "Big News" in terms of the features.

Not only that, but I'm excited in the season 2 version of Stardate Revisited for numorous reasons I've already stated in this thread. I still think the biggest thing I love about these features (And I know a lot of people will disagree) is that we're getting a recent 2012 interview with Diana Maulder. In a set that advertises the cast reunion, I am really glad they kept Dr. Pulaski in mind, considering this was "her" season.

Also, I haven't heard anything and maybe it's something for the Season 3 sets, but have there been any news about maybe getting Whoopi Goldberg for interview? I mean she's not really as big now as she was back then (When Ghost was coming out) and isn't she still on the View? I would love to see an interview with her, considering she's a lot older and I do wonder if she really enjoyed her time on TNG in hindsight. She really was one of Trek's best characters.
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