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Re: Once Upon A Time - Season 2 Thread

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I'm pretty convinced that he's Bael (the similar mops of hair cinched it), and what was in the box was some proof that August knew, too. The evidence was less about convincing him that magic was real and more about revealing that they're both from the same world.

As for him meeting Emma so randomly; fairy tales are all about coincidence.
Yea ever since it was shown Bael was sent to this world I figured that's how it would turn out because they you have Regina, Charming, Snow, and Rumple all linked together by family.

Charming & Snow are Emma's parents and Henry's grandparents, Regina is Henry's adoptive Mother and raised him in Storybrooke, and Rumple would be Henry's Grandfather.

The bigger question is if he is Bael does August know who he is? I would think he had to have some idea he was from fairytale world in order to 'see' magic. He also did not seem confused/freaked out/surprised at all by magic either so perhaps he has all his memories and was just dumped into this world by the portal with them.
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