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Re: The Host and Continuity

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The slug just plain takes over and has fun with the host body.
I can't think of a single example of the symbiote completely dominating the host in DS9.
In Jadzia's case it might have been a slower take over than Timo is describing, Jadzia did over time transform into the "Klingon Party-girl." That is not the Jadzia we first saw, and may have been an example of Dax gradually asserting itself upon Jadzia's personality, over writing it.

Given a few more years of DS9, Ezra herself might have transformed into another copy of the "Klingon Party-girl.'

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in The Host the symbiont took over the host's body
To be fair, the slug took over Riker. It's hard to say if the slug cold take over the species of the female who was the third host in that episode.

Some have described her initial demeaner as "stiff." Instead I was describe it as "scared." Her situation was similar to Ezra's. She was the only suitable long term host in range and the circumstances choose her. She might not have wanted to be a host at all, civic duty took over.

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