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What If Our Elections Were Done This Way...

After voting in the TrekBBS presidential election, I had a thought about elections in general. What if the entire country did not vote on the same day, what if our election days were spread across several days, even weeks, with the votes counted after each one?

For example, let's say Florida has their election today and the votes are counted and publicized. Then California votes on Wednesday and then their votes are added to the total and reported in the media. Basically, unless you are in the first group of states voting, you would be able to see how people before you had voted and factor that in to your own upcoming vote.

The reason I thought of this was the feature here on board polls where you can click to see the current results before you vote. I must admit that sometimes in the past, say for an avatar contest, I then chose to vote for someone who I saw had zero votes because I felt bad for them.

For more important political issues, I don't believe I would do this, since the issues involved should be more important than whether or not someone feels bad about losing, but who knows. Perhaps there are many people out there that would let the current results have a big impact on how they choose to vote, especially for those in the middle who are truly undecided. Let's say you're undecided and see that Romney is ahead in the vote, so you decide to give your vote to Obama to "even it out" or some such reason.

I'm not advocating we should move to a system like this, but it certainly gets me thinking about the psychology involved in voting and how our elections are currently run. Would there be any upsides to such a system?
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