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Re: Aliens of Trek Lit, Chapter Four: Thallonians!

Fascinating read!

New Frontier is currently (re-)published in Germany. The latest book was Double or Nothing (so we're still flying around in the Ambassador-class Excalibur). In short, this is of current relevant to me.

In another German science fiction novel series (that is younger than NF), there were the red-skinned, tattooed J'ebeem ('sons of Ebeem'), who commanded an old, decadent empire that came apart at the fringes. Successive revolutions changed the political system from triumvirate monarchy to constitutional monarchy with some elected members. The point is the superficial similarity that prompts me to compare the J'ebeem and Thallonians. Hm, could be stuff for a scientific paper.

So, when will the Thallonians and their Protectorate join the Federation? Did they have any trouble with the Borg invasion of '81? Is the Typhon Pact interested in this buffer region?
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