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Put me down in the Harrison Ford will return camp. The guy is at a point in his diminishing career where he'd do anything for a nickel.Also, I've been looking forward to the sequels waaaaaaaaay more than i did the prequel trilogy. With the PT, we had a very good idea of what the entire story would be before hand due to the clues dropped throughout the OT. With the sequels, we reallly don't have a clue other than Luke is gonna be in the Obi Wan role. and that lack of knowledge makes me giddy.
Hey, it's great that you're feeling giddy, but I don't agree about the prequels. The OT didn't leave us that many clues. Major elements of the prequels' plot, such as who or what the clones were, who fought the Clone Wars, who was the twins' mother, how the Republic turned into the Empire rather than being defeated by it, and many other things, were complete surprises.
He is a nice and humble guy he probably has enough wealth not to worry about the future.
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