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Re: New catalog entries - CLB, Ward, and DRGIII

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'The Fall' of the Typhon Pact?
Also a possibility. I mean, at this point, everyone's seen Breen forces opening fire on Kinshaya civilians in defiance of Kinshaya government orders, we readers have seen the Tzenkethi trying to manipulate their Romulan allies, the Romulan government knows that some Tzenkethi and Breen forces were coordinating with the rogue Tal Shiar faction that was undermining the Praetor... the seeds for a Pact breakup are there if the writers decide to go in that direction.
I don't know but I think a decline of the Federation storyline would have a far more emotional hook for readers and tie-in to what we're experiencing around the world today...

I don't think the below really constitutes a story idea, but I'll spoiler code it just the same.

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