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Re: DS9 Caption Contest #64: Booo!

Ezri Dax: "B...Benjamin! I had no idea you were now the world's tallest man, with a goatee of pure latinum and eyes of glowing red".

Sisko (rich, booming voice): "And don't you forget it!"

O'Brien: "Garak. We told you; when the urge to kill rises, make two flashes in warning. Three flashes means a crewman's going into premature labour, and we're all male".

Garak: "Sorry". *Flash* *Flash*

Nog: "No, no, no! That's five flashes now - that means imminent Klingon attack. Get it right!"

"My plan is this, Founder. Send a changeling to replace a target. Then, without telling the first changeling, send another changeling to take that form and expose the first changeling. Thus, when the first changeling is revealed to be a changeling, the second will be assumed to be the real deal. And thus will no longer be under suspicion of being a changeling!"

"I can't decide if that's the cleverest or the dumbest thing you've ever said, Weyoun"

"Thank you, Founder".
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