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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

2x1-The Serpent's Lair: Good follow-up to the cliffhanger I thought. Wasn't sure how soon we'd see Bretac again. He was one nugget of knowledge I had coming in that I would see again. The cockiness and arrogance here on display that a few nukes should take them out again had me thinking Independence Day. Jackson uses a sarcophagus to recover from a shoulder wound taken earlier but the C-4 timers are ticking at the under an hour mark. I don't think it's been established that I've noticed but it's always seemed that the healing process in those takes time. I'm going with the idea that the more severe the injury the longer it takes. Is an "in universe" explanation ever given?

2x2-In the Line of Duty: So Carter is now infected by a Goa'uld but the twist is that it's essentially a rebel. I can't recall the name that was given for the "rebel alliance" of Goa'uld off hand but it seems likely this could be key later on. Just as some Jaffa are defecting so are some Goa'uld from their idea of Universal dominance and enslavement. I'm I reading too much in to think a type of Union vs Confederacy analogy is developing here? I just want it to play out better than using vamps and Abraham Lincoln.

2x3-Prisoners: Interesting episode in that it seems our team has unleashed a threat to many worlds. I think Linea was called "the Destroyer"? The one flaw of logic I had was how she seemingly was allowed access to so much at SG Command. Her use of the coordinates for other worlds could prove quite bad, especially if she makes good on more biological attacks and a connection is made between Earth and her escape. This feels like an episode we will re-vist later. I also think this is the first time it's been shown how standing in front of the Gate when the Event Horizon forms is deadly. The smoking shoes was quite a sight. At least I don't recall this being mentioned before.

2x4-The Gamekeeper: Ah, Dwight Schultz as the Keeper on a planet that had at some time in it's past had an environmental bio/chem war that devastated the planet. The survivors created these devices that allowed them to survive similar to a cryo sleep was my guess. Meanwhile the planet has healed but the Keeper doesn't want his audience to know they can "wake up". He fears they will just destroy the world all over again. His fear reminded me in a nutshell of the axiom from nuBSG, "All of this has happened before and all of it shall happen again".

Good start to S2 imo. I split it up over the weekend and watched 2 eps Sat morning and two Sun afternoon cause the Titans game was not worth watching. If I hadn't had such a backlog of series on DVD to watch and 10 seasons wasn't an intimidating task I wish I had started on this sooner. I sat on this for awhile as I got through material with fewer seasons.
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