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Re: why didnt the voyager crew have tng uniforms

It was a new uniform and like others said most likely down to CO preference which is why in DS9 you saw members of the crew arrive wearing the TNG uniform and change into the more relaxed version and often when they went to Earth they changed back into more formal attire.

As for Generations it showed how Picard mellowed and became more relaxed, never mind the real world reasons.

Picard wearing the original uniform at the end of the film, it showed he had gotten changed after beating Soran and maybe he felt wearing a formal uniform was a more fitting way for him to leave his ship...I once read a British Army Officer during the 2nd World War had to order a retreat from a town they had been holding for days and shaved just before doing so, as if your going to have to retreat your going to do it with dignity.
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