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Re: Is TOS the best sci-fi TV American series until 1985?

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Remastering--like digging up previously cut footage and adding to theatrical versions once on DVD/Blu Ray is a trend--even if the film was not a Star Wars-sized blockbuster (see the so-called "complete novel" of Coppola's The Outsiders) therefore it is a gamble based on the economy, base interest, etc. Its not as though the public was demanding TNG to be remastered.

Regarding TNG's market value--again, the series reached a 20th anniversary, and the media attention paid to it was next to nothing--the opposite of the reaction to TOS' 20th--and 40th.
You really have no idea what you're talking about and it shows.

I love Star Trek: The Original Series. It is by far my favorite TV series ever, nothing else even comes close. It could be incredibly awesome and appallingly bad, watching The Cage and And the Children Shall Lead over the last few days confirms it. I once heard that a third of TOS was great, a third of it average and a third of it bad and it's the truth.

What your analysis lacks is that the TV business was far different when TOS and TNG hit strip syndication respectively. When TOS hit, there was nothing like it and no home video or cable networks to speak of. The Original Series was the only game in town, competing with sitcoms and the nightly news for eyeballs and there was no time-shifting. I know, I was there.

The Next Generation and its spinoffs had some pretty stiff competition. Starting with folks ability to buy material on home-video and time-shift as well. Why watch the same episodes fifteen times if you have a choice? Yet TNG and its spinoffs were still deemed valuable enough for The National Network (Spike TV), to pay a billion dollars to Paramount to buy the exclusive syndication rights for a number of years. Then last year, Netflix paid two billion for CBS' back catalog of shows based primarily on the strength of having all of Trek to show.

Did the TNG movies fail? Absolutely! But I think that has more to do with Paramount not bringing in movie people to make the movies than people not liking TNG. And lets not forget that Roddenberry (The Motion Picture and TNG season one) and Bennett (The Final Frontier) nearly drove the franchise over a cliff as well.
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