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Seems like the Woodbury episode is a little further along in time than where we left the prison. Dialogue with Rick and the others made it sound like it had been maybe 4-5 months since they left the farm, so Lori wasn't far enough along yet.

Probably some time will have passed when we see the prison again. I'm guessing we'll see that they've settled down, begun farming, and are relaxing a bit. (I think they're taking a lesson from the farm and skipping over all the slow-moving stuff this time.) That also means the two plots will be in sync again and Lori will be just about at term if she isn't late.
Yea, I predict Lori will be delivering on the show at the same time as the Woodbury pregnancy

I don't think you're correct about the 4-5 months, though, Lori was pretty much ready to give birth when we last saw the Prison
Yes, I was wrong -- the prison episodes were just about back to back. I based that partly from the indication that they were going to be forced out of the prison. Glad to see that isn't the case.

As soon as they made it clear Oscar and Axel weren't the culprits, I guessed it was Andrew. We never saw what happened to him.

And Axel is giving me some serious red flags. They need to watch that guy carefully.

Poor T-Dog, but I really wish they'd given him some development. I wonder if they did that to avoid the confrontation when Merle shows up? Remember, T-Dog is the one that dropped the key down the drain.

I went back and watched the previous episode. It does like the Governor is keeping his family in the fish tanks. The photo showed a blonde lady and a black-haired girl. The first tank we see has zombie heads with blonde and black hair, although there's a third head in there with them. I don't think this is just some sort of psychotic obsession. He's trying to find some way of bringing them back, unrealistic as that may be.
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