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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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And Andrea continues to annoy as she seems to be falling for another psycho alpha male type.
Her moral center is paper thin, and seems to kick into gear at the worst times imaginable (i.e. tension with Shane/the unknown Gov., etc.).
I actually think that people are being too hard on Andrea at this point.

The down side of the audience knowing more about the Governor than the characters is that we fault them for not immediately seeing what we do.

If you look at it from her perspective, there are alot of positive things about Woodbury. In fact, from her point of view there is nothing about it that situation that is fundamentally different from the situation that she found on the farm, only this guy is more serious about security. Neither she nor Micchone have seen him or his people, do anything inappropriate. The Governor has been nothing but nice to them, and has even tolerate Micchone's snooping and less than pleasant attitude.

Remember, Micchone is perfectly content to continue roaming the wasteland. Andrea, for a while at least, had some stability (both in the camp and on the farm). So its not out of the question that she's be looking for that again.
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