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Force of Nature and the Intrepid

Something has puzzled me: in TNG "Force of Nature," Geordi is engaged in a good-natured competition with one Commander Donald Kaplan, chief engineer of the Intrepid regarding the engine efficiency of their respective ships. Kaplan is out-performing Geordi at the start of the episode, but Geordi quickly gets a leg up on Kaplan towards the end. When asked by Data why Geordi is doing this, he replies, "We're the flagship. We should be better than everyone else."

My question is this: is Geordi competing with the NX-74600? The first of the Intrepid-class and Voyager's immediate predecessor? Or, is he competing with the NX-74600's predecessor?

I'm inclined to think it's the former. At that point, Intrepid would be the newest ship in Starfleet and thus a worthy competitor for Enterprise. It stands to reason that Geordi would want the flagship to be better than the newest and most advanced starship in the fleet. It doesn't make sense for Geordi to try to compete with some older ship (on-screen evidence could indicate that the NX-74600's immediate predecessor is the Excelsior-class starship which was the first responder to Khitomer back in the day).

Yet, most fanon and published sources suggest that the NX-74600 was commissioned in late 2370, specifically on or about 47806, much later in the year after the events of "Force of Nature" which take place on 47310.

So, which is it? What's the explanation?
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