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Re: Haven: Season Three (Discussion, Spoilers)

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So now we find out that the Colorado Kid was Sarah's son, and that the "troubled" are nationwide.

These folks are running a kind of troubled undergorund railroad, bringing them into Haven? I had always assumed the troubled were related to the town itself: the history, the geography, etc.?

Yeah, that had me scratching my head, too. Did they just rewrite the mythology there? Up until now, the Troubles have been a Haven-related phemenon, going back generations. Even the credits imply that the Troubles relate to the town's creepy history, dating back to its founding.

But now the Troubled are just Alphas, a persecuted minority of special people springing up all over the world?

And what's this business about Haven being an, er, safe haven for the Troubled? When have the Troubled ever been safe in Haven? Their powers are always running amuck, causing death and chaos. And there's tons of people, like the Rev and Duke's family, out to destroy them there.

Okay, I suppose you can rationalize this with the idea that Haven started out as a haven for Troubled people, from all over, and that as settled and started families, the Troubles became part of the town's DNA . . . .

Don't ask me where Audrey/Lucy/Sarah and the meteor fit in . . . !
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