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Re: TCM Genre movies schedule...

Speaking of Frankenstein cliches...

Electrodes! The bloody things in the creature's neck are electrodes! At least, they were in the beginning of the Universal era. At what point did they start confusing them with fastening "bolts"? Did that idea start as overt parody in drawings and was simply forgotten over time?

And the flat headed motif. It started as somewhat subtle and it was mainly along the forehead. the back of the skull was pretty much rounded. Wasn't Jack Pierce's reason for the forehead was to suggest Frankenstein crudely sawed off the top of the skull to fit the new brain. But over the years, the Jack Pierce design was exaggerated by imitators until it was flatter than an aircraft runway.

Obviously, these concepts are not reflective of the original novel in any way. (Though I recently learned the motif of a dull-witted, mute creature was NOT an invention of the Universal series, but various stage plays presented in the mid to latter 1800s. That surprsied me.)


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