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Is there actually a reason for the NX-01 to be in mothballs? Considering Starfleet's losses during the Romulan War and that it still seems to be a functional ship, albeit battle damaged.
NCC-1701 is suppose to be the first Federation ship to have the name Enterprise.
To Brave the Storm indicated that the ship was too badly damaged in the Battle of Cheron to be repairable. As for why they couldn't rebuild it... well, maybe there are reasons for that. All we know is that, as BillJ said, there is no Federation ship named Enterprise until NCC-1701.
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TRW made the rather stupid move of trying to explain the difference in look between Enterprise and The Original Series as a literal in-universe technological downgrade (because primitive systems weren't suseptable to the Romulan telepresence thingie)
They did that? That is just mind-blowingly stupid decision. I am now very glad I stopped reading Ent novels after TGTMD.
I liked the explanation. Horses for courses...
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