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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Holy CRAP, that was a sad episode. Poor T-Dog; the dude never got a good storyline. What exactly *did* happen to Carol? How are they going to feed the baby? ARGH. A GREAT, heart-breaking episode. I can't wait to see next week's!
If I understand it correctly, it doesn't take much for a woman to begin producing milk when presented with a hungry infant.
You don't understand correctly. An adoptive mother with medication MIGHT be able to produce a bit of milk after nursing for weeks but not enough or quick enough to keep a newborn alive.
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And Andrea continues to annoy as she seems to be falling for another psycho alpha male type.
Her moral center is paper thin, and seems to kick into gear at the worst times imaginable (i.e. tension with Shane/the unknown Gov., etc.).
I think you guys are all being too hard on Andrea. She's just a flirty southern woman who is flirty with everyone. Even Michone. (or am I the only one picking up the lesbian vibe there?)
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