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Re: Star Wars Episode 7 - 2015

Mirrorball Man is right. Not only did we not really know what would happen in the PT, most people assumed that the Clone Wars - per the name - were a war fought against clones. I don't know where a sequel trilogy will head, but the prequel trilogy had the initial hook of 'here's where Darth Vader came from and here's how he fell.' The sequel trilogy - now that Vader and the Emperor is dead - is more of a blank slate as to what exactly it's gonna be about.

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Anyway, Hollywood, with all its remakes, sequels and toy commercials masquerading as movies, is showing alarming signs of decadence, and that's no one's "Sacred Grove".
Which in fact is a charge that has been levelled at Star Wars since the original film, and even - along with Jaws - has been accused as the film responsible for ending Hollywood's 1970s Renaissance by retreating into empty Golden Age spectacle.

Star Wars has been part of the vanguard in the commercialization of film franchises (compare the series to say Planet of the Apes where the budget was slashed for the sequels on the assumption that sequels inevitably had diminishing returns) so this is really par for the course here.
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