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Re: National Novel Writing Month

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I always wanted to write a story, but this month is really a bad time for me to take on a personal project
It's not like anyone's going to be monitoring you. The important thing is to try!

And just so you know, there are National Novel Writing Months for every month of the year. The November one is the "original" and is the most well-known. Last year I did a book in July. Although it ended up taking until September to get it all written.

The idea is just to get you writing, not to put you on some unbearable schedule.

I'm in graduate school plus working part time in a retail store. There's a chance I'll have to move again soon. I might go for a story in December, but I'm not the best writer.

My writing can be dry, factual and have a tendency to drag on. I used to be accused of plagarism in college by some profs with "There's no way you wrote like this on your own".
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