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Re: TNG Caption This! 290: Security Concerns...

Guy in back: "I never get to see the viewscreen."
Worf: "You're not missing anything. They're only scrolling through the old caption contests, laughing at the captions where the compare my forehead to human female genitalia."

Data: "Get your clamps off me, you damn dirty Borg!"

Picard on intercom: "Mr O'Brien, any progress with the shuttle?"
O'Brien: "We're just cleaning away the wreckage now. We located the flight data recorder, and it bears out Lt. Chakotay's testimony. The late instructor gave him a passing grade and cleared him for flight operations just before they crashed into the moon. Lt Chakotay therefore is a qualified shuttle pilot now."

Picard: "Don't you tilt your head at me in that tone of voice, Numbah One!"

Worf: "Ee plebnista..."
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