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Re: DS9 Caption Contest #64: Booo!

Ezri: "Oh! I was not going to try on Jadzia's bras... no... that was the last thing on my mind. Not that you needed to ask. As we're obviously not the same size. So not curious...."

O'Brien: "Get that damned light out of my face, ye damned spoonhead!"
Garak: "Someone needs to cut down on his raktajino."

Sisko: "Looks like the whole conduit blew out. Anyone working here would have been incinerated instantly."
Kira: "I guess the chief won't be wanting his raktajino then."

Bashir 1: "I'm you from the future. I'm here to stop you sleeping with Leeta. You'll give her an STD, which she'll pass on to Rom when she leaves you, which will mutate and infect the entire Ferengi Alliance. They'll all suffer shocking lobe reduction, which will spur them to a devastating war with the Federation, who they'll blame."
Bashir 2: "Leeta leaves me... For Rom!"
Bashir 1: "Missing the point here."

Worf: "What's that noise?"
Sisko: "The plumbing under the O'Brien's quarters."
Worf: "Raktajinos?"
Sisko: "Or Keiko's cooking. Who knows?"
Worf: "Someone ought to repair that."
Sisko: "Are you going to tell O'Brien that his bowels are causing that?"
Worf: "I may be Klingon, but I'm not foolhardy."
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