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Re: Who should be the Director for Star Wars Episode 7?

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I sometimes suspect Jon Favreau would do a better job of getting the tone right.
You know that's an interesting one because Iron Man was a pretty boring movie, but that doesn't necessarily mean Favreau would bore me with a Star Wars movie. The direction is at least competent and even if the action is insipid and forgettable it shows knowledge of how to shoot a CGI action sequence, so I dunno... I think Favreau would really depend on the script (and the cast, as RDJ elevates his film quite a bit).

He's also plausible in the sense that he's someone who has been part of the recent wave of successful Marvelverse films, but he's not attached to any of their current projects. Joss Whedon is simply just not going to happen because of the amount of pies his thumb is in over at Marvel, but since Favreau is out of the Iron Man game...

Hell, someone like RDJ or someone like him playing a Not-At-All-Han-Solo snarky guy is something a Star Wars movie could use.

Whatever you do, keep Ridley Scott the hell away from it! [...] He completely derailed The Hot Zone & I Am Legend
Ridley Scott didn't direct I Am Legend, I think you're thinking of, well, Legend.

I also don't want Scott involved but that's mostly because I'd like to see the Prometheus sequels.

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3. His problem is scriptwriting, not story writing or directing, so I say let him finish the story, have someone else write he scripts and let GL get on with what he actually does fairly well.
George Lucas is writing the treatments that will be the basis of these three movies. So in that sense he's 'finishing the story.' Given that he didn't direct two of the OT films, that's a good level of involvement in my opinion. Of course there are those who feel even that is too much.
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