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Re: Any old timers still around?

I agree. He seemed to be a very nice guy. I didn't like one of his RL friends, though, who sold drugs. That's exactly the kind of friends an insecure teenager does absolutely not need.
Last thing I heard of PX was that he was considering to go to university, preferably somewhere south whith more warmth and light. He said he suffered from winter depression.

I missed Vert's last appearance. Ah, maybe next time
Teelie and his wicked sense of humour always appealed to me. I met him in chat a few times and found im a very pleasant guy.

Elim, weren't you an EFCL member as well? One of the very early members even, if I am nost mistaken.

MrSilver you are a new one for me. Afaik we haven't met before and we have no mutual friends, it seems. I suppose we always prefered different parts of the board and therefore never met.
But I do recall M'Sharak and SpacemanSpiff from back then
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