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Re: Malcolm Reed/Dominic Keating Appreciation Tea and Big Gun Societ

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Ah, I see this topic is having its desired effect. Note - the games topics are good for post count-drive uppage.
...I suppose we could consider Dominic a 21st-century sex kitten, but Malcolm--and Mirror-Malcolm--would probably be offended...

"...he's a sex kitten, and now he's offended!"

The theme is supposed to be 'blue eyes as dangerous weapons' (or, my favorite, 'James Bond is a Gallifreyan Time-Lord'), except that the kittens' eyes were already changing (rats!) (too young and too cute to take out rats!).

(I don't think we could get away referring to James Bond as a 'sex kitten' and live... but if Sean Connery wanted to tip me over his knee and spank me... well... )

And now I really DO have to leave, to get into the shower and go to a doctor's appointment... yuck.

Oh, yeah... To the Moderators--sorrrry! I was hoping that more people would comment between my posts... my bad

P.S. to Beautiful-and-Terrible: Evil-Gally and Borg Queen--twins separated at birth?!
//sigh// " many (male) (Human) Starfleet officers, so little time..."
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