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Re: DS9 Caption Contest #64: Booo!

After seeing how wide Ezri could open her mouth, Worf decided this new Dax definitely had possibilities.

O'Brien: Ghost stories?
Nog: That sounds awesome!
Garak: How delightful. You know cadet, in Cardassian ghost stories.... -someone- always dies.

Sisko: We're late.
Kira: How dare Quark start the Bong Party without us?!

Bashir: Wow Miles... that's really a believable costume. I've never seen so much detail.
Founder(thinking): These solids are so stupid. This is too easy.

Sisko: They got into the ventilation system?
Worf: I told you letting... Trick o'treaters... roam the station freely was a bad idea.
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