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Re: Is TOS the best sci-fi TV American series until 1985?

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Apparently, their numbers were not large enough to prod Paramount/CBS into starting any of the Berman series again. Berman buried the franchise, which is why the PTB had no interest in digging up TNG/DS9/VOY/ENT. When TOS ended, it was not long when NBC (after discovering syndicated TOS actually reached that key demographic when it was first run) wanted the series to return, and as noted 1 post ago, we know what followed.
You sure about this? Seems to me that CBS is spending millions of dollars remastering TNG and may follow suit on the rest of the 24th century shows. And the TNG-R Blu-ray sets are selling very well. Those shows continue to sell well and CBS will be taking a second look at them.
Remastering--like digging up previously cut footage and adding to theatrical versions once on DVD/Blu Ray is a trend--even if the film was not a Star Wars-sized blockbuster (see the so-called "complete novel" of Coppola's The Outsiders) therefore it is a gamble based on the economy, base interest, etc. Its not as though the public was demanding TNG to be remastered.

Regarding TNG's market value--again, the series reached a 20th anniversary, and the media attention paid to it was next to nothing--the opposite of the reaction to TOS' 20th--and 40th.
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