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Re: Merlin getting better and better

Arthur thinks everything is better.

And as far he can see, literally as far as he can see, it might appear better for a hundred yards in every direction from where he's standing, but for everyone that obeyed the law and kept their nose clean,how bad was Camelot under Uthur? He slaughtered magic users, but that's about it... Has Arthur created a house of commons, or a social welfare system or reduced taxes or...

He lets a couple commoners become knights, and marries another... But want about the thousands of other dung herders trying to make ends meet? I can't imagine that their lives have really changed at all.

Yes, I am Mr negative, but how is Camelot amazingly better under Arthur than Uthur, since as far as Arthur is concerned Uthur was a top chap and the only thing they disagreed about was shagging Gwen?

I suppose if you count the month where Morganna was in charge and she taxed the shit out of every one until they couldn't feed their children, compared to that, even Uthur was a fabulous King, but after 20 years of killing everyone that used magic, what minority scattering collection of dying out druids and wizards could lobby the kings ear politically anyway?

Sometimes I think of magic here as an allegory for homosexuality and other times I thing of it was comparable to how the law misunderstands and abuses pot though the legal system just because a hundred years ago because William Randolf Hearst said "I don't care if it's cheaper and safer to make rope and clothing and textiles out of hemp, because I have a billion dollar monopoly on US cotton."

But wouldn't it be funny if like during US prohibition that ordinary people just got smarter about how they used magic and that EVERYONE still used magic during their daily lives as a convenience but the king was too pig ignorant to notice?
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