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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Holy CRAP, that was a sad episode. Poor T-Dog; the dude never got a good storyline.
He was largely a token character, and aside from his conversation with Dale about not trusting Shane or Rick in season 2, it is clear the scripters had him question the treatment of the prisoners as a way of quickly humanizing T-Dog before the end came. It was too little, too late for anyone to care that much. That's what happens with cardboard characters.

What exactly *did* happen to Carol? How are they going to feed the baby? ARGH. A GREAT, heart-breaking episode. I can't wait to see next week's!
Her head-wrap was found, but she ran off after T-Dog's sacrifice. I guess she will be in full-on depression mode now that her "pact" with T-Dog ended in a gruesome way, while Lori--probably--Carol's best friend among the camp--died.

With so much of the comic's arcs discarded, or changed to the point where plotline similarities are coincidental, i'm wondering how Carol will see Rick moving forward. I also wonder if this will cause a rift between Daryl and Rick, just as Merle seems close to finding his brother again.
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