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Re: life-extension technology in Star Trek (or lack thereof)

Yes, in major cities where people voluntarily flock because that's where their business actually is. THEY HAVE A CHOICE.
Well, hardly. Except of course between doing that and dying of hunger.

Project that onto a planetwide situation where there isn't any place you can go that DOESN'T have those conditions: the entire surface of a planet with the population density of downtown Tokyo.
Why? "Mark of Gideon" doesn't call for any of that. All we hear is that they have a population problem, and one of their buildings is seeing a lot of traffic. That's the extent of it, although of course we're free to postulate whatever we wish beyond the canonical parameters.

It's either leadership fail or widespread logic fail to allow things to get that bad.
Yup, plus a damn interesting concept dramatically.

You have a fascinating imagination there, Timo.
Naah. I just browse National Geographic, plus various eyewitness accounts on how things were a hundred years ago right around where I live. An entire room dedicated to just the privacy of two people is an incredibly rare luxury that only exists in a very narrow window of time and space. And I can still practically touch the window frames from where I stand.

It's not my fault the world currently harbors a very small group of perverts who think sex should be a "private" thing...

Timo Saloniemi
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