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Re: Which Captain would you want to serve under?

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It has to be Sisko. Picard is a close second mind you.
Yeah, the TNG command crew is very cliquish and hostile to outsiders. Sisko's literally a guy you could be working with.
Agreed. Picard doesn't strike me as approachable to anyone who isn't' in the command inner circle. He's also too by-the-book for my liking. Sisko may be a more flawed captain, but he's more open and accessible to all his crew, not just the top few.
I'd say Sisko is the most realistic captain instead of flawed. Kirk believed that he could manipulate reality and Picard (as much as I love him) sometimes took too much of an idealistic approach, but you can't manipulate everything and by-the-book idealism doesn't always work. They could afford that, though, because they were on ships that could get the hell out of there. So, when things got tough, going to high-warp was usually an option. Not so for Sisko.

It's a lot harder to maintain the high level of security that Sisko and crew were able to maintain on a non-moving space station that also doubled as a incoming/outgoing port. He didn't have the luxury of jumping to warp when things got tough; he had to hold ground which is a lot harder to do while keeping everyone, young and old, safe. It takes a certain level of realism and humility to do that while commerce is still booming, military factions are coming in and out, children are running around, and a war is going on. Someone else would have gotten the place blown up.
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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