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Re: Who should be the Director for Star Wars Episode 7?

What I'm looking for out of the director is someone who can match the tone of the original trilogy. I want this to be a return to glory for the franchise. I want it to be fun adventure, I want there to be warmth in the acting, I want it to switch effortlessly between genuinely funny dialogue and mythic seriousness. I don't want SW to change to fit the director. I just don't see those qualities in the movies, of, say Christopher Nolan even though I love his movies. Movies that jump out at me as the right kind of tone... Out of the names bandied about and the movies that give me the right feeling of tone, I like Matthew Vaughan (x-men first class), joss whedon (Serenity, a movie which actually kind of reminds me of OT SW, Avengers), Brad Bird (iron giant, incredibles). I also like Speilberg and Darabont as more general choices. The other option is to go with someone who could capture the exotic Cantina-esque feel of the alien part of SW, in which case my main choice is Del Toro.
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