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Re: Retro gaming on an HDTV?

When I was visiting Japan last year I bought a "refurbished" Famicom (identical hardware to the original Nintendo) which was cleaned up on the inside and the connecting wires were converted from an RF connector to some sweet ass AV cables! It works like a charm into the side of the HDTV and what a beaut it is to play... the only problem is the slight variance in power conversion (10 volt difference in North America) so there are some horizontal bars on the gameplay screen, but it's all good.

I wonder if some clever enterprising nerds might do the same process for Atari and other systems? It would be worth it. I'd pay $50-$100 for such a conversion if it worked. I paid about $30 extra for the Famicom conversion so it ended up being $80 or something like that... but the games are around $5-$10 each. Unless you're looking for Mega Man or Zelda... those go for $50-$100 each!!

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So here's my question to anyone doing some retro gaming on a modern HDTV -- does it really look that bad? Are those 256x224 NES games almost unplayable or are videophiles blowing this whole issue out of proportion?
I have to say it looks pretty sick. Being able to see each pixel clearly? It's madness... it will make you love retro gaming even more.
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