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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

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Right, but he's smart enough to know how bad such investigations could be for him under the most ideal circumstances, and the film's setup seems to be based on the assumption that, despite those problems, Whitaker is still an exceptionally skilled pilot. That's presumably why he's able to land the plane in relatively one piece with few casualties. So if he knows that his skill could have accomplished that, at least partially, and he knows not to let his addictions become obvious enough to get him reprimanded or fired, why does the movie so quickly abandon that premise and just show Whitaker getting drunk out of his gourd at every opportunity?

I just feel like the good premise gets a bit drowned in the addiction aspect (no pun intended ), and it's unfortunate because it denies Whitaker the chance to have some heroic tendencies. He's not perfect, but he's clearly not a completely bad person either.
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He's an alcoholic & drug addict, gettin' drunk at every opportunity is what people with those problems do. Since he was out of work while the investigation was underway, he had a lot of free time, and spent that time gettin' drunk and/or high.

What else could he do?
I think in the end he didn't want to drag the flight attendant's name through the mud and let someone who he saw as being heroic not be recognized as such just because he wanted to continue lying about his drinking. He wanted her recognized for helping to save that boy without it being tainted by her being seen as an alcoholic. Then again without his piloting her being able to get the kid strapped in again would have been moot.

Maybe it's just like he said...he'd reached his limits on lies, and had finally found a reason to sober up (his new girl Nicole). He was very adept at covering his addiction not getting caught driving while drinking those beers, chugging vodka outside the liquor store and not being seen, etc...if he wanted to continue to lie he could have, he sure did during the first part of the hearing about the crash. was a very good movie and if Denzel doesn't at least get a nod for best actor I'll be very disappointed. It was HIS movie all the way and he ran away with it.
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