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Re: Star Ship Polaris

^Personally, I'm not talking about the Polaris specifically here, but radiators in general.

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They wouldn't glow very bright, just a dull red, which would probably be washed out by a weak flashlight.
I was talking about getting rid of heat from a stardrive. Could be any amount. But the idea was that it would be red in idle and blue-white when activated.
Here's the text:
What color will the radiators glow? A practical one will only glow dull red. You can use the Blackbody Spectrum Viewer to see what temperature corresponds to what color. If it was glowing white hot, the temperature would be around 6000 Kelvin. This would be difficult for a solid radiator, since even diamond melts at 4300 degrees K.
In other words, it won't glow blue-white because by then the whole thing will have melted!
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