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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Why wouldn't he shoot Lori? She was dying, definitely going to reanimate...what would keep him from shooting her? And why would he fake it?
It would've been nice if the narrative had made any attempt at all to save her instead of "Ok, baby's out, don't need the carrier anymore... BLAM." Then again considering what a weak and useless character she's been so far I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but it would've been nice to see her get some real development.

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Yeah, much is not playing out as on the printed page. Then again, film and tv adaptations are notorious for changing plotlines.
Which is expected and good, it's just that I wish the changes were equally as good as the original. Like Daryl and Merle good, all the time. Man do I love watching Daryl and Merle.

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I'm... not quite sure how I feel about this last episode to be honest, the resolution in particular. Daring or just cheap and ugly?
One could be called cheap...shock value.....
I'm not really sure what it gains them at this point rather than later after she and Rick patch it up. I guess there's the "relentlessly turn Carl into a ruthless mini-Rick in half the time the comics did" by taking out Lori and Sophia... that and "Why was I distant so much at the end???" trauma for Rick I guess.

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In my view, Andrea remains a turn-off. Not long after arriving at the Gov's compound, she's flirting with him (knowing nothing about him, and barely recovering from illness), and let's remember, she screwed....Shane....ugh.
I actually liked the very brief Andrea/Shane thing. Well, no, that's not true, they were very obnoxious except when she was learning to shoot. I like the idea in theory as a way for Andrea to become somebody interesting and Shane to get over his murderous obsession. Shame it pretty much immediately turned back into "Lori and Carl are MINE, preciousss" and Andrea was "Oh, he's really a good guy and you're all just jealous."

But yeah, I was looking for her to become the morally fibrous badass I loved and maybe take more of Dale's place - they seemed to be hinting at this when she was the only one to stand with him - instead of this googly-eyed person she seemed to have outgrown.
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