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Re: TNG: Immortal Coil by Jeffrey Lang Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Steve Mollmann wrote: View Post
Memory Alpha did not yet exist in 2002.
Really? Wow!

Well there were certainly some online resources in those days. I moved to my new house in early 2000 and I rarely had to duck into my new Star Trek room for the physical reference books because most of my questions could easily be resolved by a quick Google.

Okay, "the English-language Memory Alpha started in November 2003". So there must have been some other sites I was using at the time. Certainly there were readily available online lists of TOS characters/actors since the old pre-Internet days of Usenet and GEnie, and those lists were later searchable via Google "News Groups" searchs.

And I doubt that anyone was really asking for footnotes.
They were. Which is why I brought up Marshak & Culbreath, both then and now. I debated with the issue endlessly on Psi Phi and there was no way to convince them that footnotes would be as much a turn-off to readers as they thought they'd be useful for others. They wanted either footnotes or a full explanatory list of characters printed in the front of the novel.
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