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Re: Sacrifice of the Angels Ending A Deus Ex Machina?

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One good DEM is from one of the most popular episodes, The Best of Both Worlds.
That wasn't a DEM.

Not too hard to connect two computers together. And when one of them is an intelligent life form, it won't be hard for it to figure out how to communicate.
Not necessarily-- you can't run an Android App on a Windows computer or Apple device, and visa verse--different operating systems.

It wouldn't be a stretch to assume there would be a big difference between the Borg's computer (alien and from the Delta Quadrant) and Data's brain.

How many times in Trek do we see a human or alien walk up to another alien computer that they've never encountered before and then just start punching a lot of keys and accessing info- that in itself probably produced a lot of mini DEM moments.

It would be like an English only speaking person going up to a computer with only Chinese, and quickly accessing a program or something .
Not really. But then, most windows machines aren't self aware. Data would be able to create some sort of communications program. And since we saw him do it, he must have that ability.

Given that Data would have a universal translator built into him, I don't see that it's much of a problem.

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suddenly theres a power feedback loop that somehow, for some reason causes the entire ship to completely explode. BAM! No more Borg to worry about. lol
Because the Borg were putting all that energy to regenerating when there was nothing that needed to be regenerated. It's like turning on the tap full and not letting the water go anywhere. Sooner or later the pressure builds up and it blows.
True, but it's hard to believe that a being/ship as technically advanced as the Borg wouldn't notice the energy feeding back on itself, at a dangerous level, and stop regenerating. No sensors, no awareness?

Or have simple IF/THEN A.I rules, such as 'if energy level is stable, and regeneration is in progress, then stop regeneration process'.

And then Shelby offers to try and disable the process, as if she knew how?

It seemed too much like a techno babble based DEM, IMO.
Data probably overrode those sensors when he did it.
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