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Re: how big an improvement is the star trek motion picture director cu

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If they had just kept the McCoy/Kirk "discussion" in the DE it would have been just about perfect, IMO.
^This! I've always enjoyed this extended scene (and I think DeForest Kelley's performance is better in the take they used for the TV version)... so I was disappointed to see it omitted from the DE.

I seemed to grow up with every version: the theatrical version, the special longer version, and whenever the film aired on TV, it always seemed to be cut somewhat differently. Some networks would air it in a 3-hour timeslot, others in a 3.5-hour (!) timeslot.

I only wish the DE fixed two other errors: the travelpod's lack of shadow on the Enterprise and the changing colors of Spock and Bones' armbands at the end.
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