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Re: DS9 Caption Contest #64: Booo!

After seeing her "O" face, Worf decided to let Bashir have this Dax.

Garak: Oh, my, well this won't do at all.
O'Brien: Excuse me?
Garak: Don't mind me, I'm just commenting on the handiwork.
O'Brien: Look, would you mind not critiquing my handiwork as I'm working?
Garak: Oh, it's not your handiwork I'm concerned with, my dear Mr. O'Brien, it's the horrible stitching on your uniform, really, you'd think Starfleet would put more thought into their fashion...
O'Brien: Oh, I thought you were...oh never mind, let me get back to work...
Garak: Oh no, that won't do, that's the sign of poor workmanship...
O'Brien: Listen, could you critique Starfleet's fashion sense another time, I'm really busy here...
Garak: I wasn't commenting on the fashion that time...

Sisko: I've seen this before...looks like someone tried the famous Sisko jambalaya recipe...

Bashir: Replaced by a shapeshifter....yeah, right, like they'll fall for that one...

Worf: Man what in the world is happening down at the end of the hall? I don't have a clue? Let's check this thing out!
Sisko: What is happening here? Something's going on that's not quite clear. Somebody turn on the lights, we're gonna have a party, it's starting tonight
Worf: Oh, what a feeling! When we're dancing on the ceiling! Oh, what a feeling! When we're dancing on the ceiling!
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