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Re: "The Three Saaviks"

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I think the consensus among fans is (...)
Thank you for polling all fans everywhere. It must have been a Herculean task.
I've been hearing and reading fans ask "why didn't they just use Saavik?" for years.

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Roddenberry must've forgotten that he wrote "The Omega Glory", in which a corrupted Starfleet captain is a major character.
No, he had not forgotten. But he wanted traitorous Starfleeters to be a rarity, not the norm - and the novels and TNG had also had quite a few that had made him antsy
Novels aren't canon. As for other examples, I'm not sure if there were that many at the time they were making the movie. There was arguably Ben Finney (still not sure how a guy that nuts managed to hide for years), arguably Admiral Mark Jameson, Captain Maxwell, and Admiral Nora Satie.

It wasn't until later that we got Kennelly, Pressman, Leyton, Dougherty, Ross in "Inter Arma...", Ransom, the Maquis, and Section 31.
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