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All I am saying is that such care was manifestly NOT taken with this latest casting of Holmes and Watson--and THAT is, of course, merely offered as my own personal and ever so humble opinion.
No, it's not offered as an opinion. An opinion would be "I don't think the actors work well in the roles." What you're doing is making an unsupported assumption about a question of fact, namely the specifics of the decision-making process of the show's producers. An opinion is an expression of how something makes you feel. An assertion about what another person actually did, how they acted, or what motivated them is not an opinion, it's an allegation.

Different people have different tastes; someone can put great care and attention into making something as good as they possibly can according to their own tastes and goals, but it can still be unappealing to a person who simply has different tastes. For instance, I don't like Chinese food, but of course I don't assume that's because all Chinese cooks are incompetent. That wouldn't be my "humble opinion," it would be incredibly arrogant and egocentric, because I'd be assuming my personal tastes were an objective measure of quality. Of course many of them are brilliant at what they do; it's just that my tastes are very different from theirs.

I'm sure the producers of this show took plenty of care in casting the roles. Of course they would. This isn't some YouTube fan video; there are hundreds of millions of dollars riding on it. Naturally everyone involved is putting their best effort into it. But the parameters they used in deciding who was best for the roles were simply different from yours.

The best casting isn't about having a preconceived notion and trying to force someone into that mold. It's about finding out who has the best talent and presence and the best chemistry with other actors, and adjusting the writing of the character in order to bring out that actor's talent as fully as you can. If it's different from what a given viewer expected, that's not because the producers failed to do their job, but because they did what they're supposed to do: found an actor who stood out from the pack and brought something new and surprising to the table.

For what it's worth, Elementary has the same casting director as Numb3rs, Medium, The Good Wife, and Person of Interest. What do you think of the casting on those shows?
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