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New Blood, Part 3

He remembers the Breen attack on Earth. A brief leave where he visited Jupiter Station, only to be informed his fiancee was on Earth. He was about to get on a shuttle to Earth when the Red Alert sounded.

Fear. The overwhelming emotion once the shooting stopped. He contacted Squadron Lines at the Mojave Installation telling them he was enroute.

The entire time after the shooting stopped, looking through reports as they became available. Looking for a name. Seeing that her name wasn't on the list of confirmed dead or wounded. But that didn't mean she wasn't. For all he knew she just hadn't been found.

Relief. Feeling that relief of seeing Robin, somewhat disheveled, dusty from having been inside a building that had partially collapsed, a small but bloody cut on her forehead.

He remembers embracing her, holding her in his arms, doing what he could to comfort her.

Carl Draper sat up in bed, he turned over and looked at his sleeping wife. Robin was curled up to one side, the blankets having slid down her shoulder a bit.

He gently slid the covers up to under her chin, seeing her smile serenely in her sleep.

"Hmm, someone's awake..." Robin muttered, eyes still closed.

"Sorry if I woke you, sweetheart." Carl said.

"You did sit up somewhat violently earlier." Robin replied, turning around and propping herself up on one arm, "Do you want to talk about it?"

Carl looked down, seeing the worry in Robin's eyes. "Another dream. It was the Breen attack on Earth. The day I was terrified I lost you."

Robin sat up, throwing her arms around her husband, "I remember seeing you that day and just how relieved you felt..."

"Honey, relief barely scratches the surface how I felt when I saw that you were ok." Carl said, as he held her close to him.

"You know how I felt too, every time you deployed." Robin replied, "Especially when you got into the Asymmetric Warfare Group, and all those taskings you went on."

"I could have chosen to go back to the Engineer Branch." Carl said, "You just needed to say so."

"Carl, I love you enough to know that you love what you do in the AWG." Robin said.

"I told you before that no Starfleet goal is worth you." Carl replied.

"I could never ask you to leave something that you love to do. I love you enough to know that." Robin said as they both moved back to lying down, facing each other.

"Robin, I honestly wouldn't be able to do what I do without you. You mean the universe to me, and I don't think I can tell you that enough times." Carl said, "And that's why I moved towards the Assessment and Advisory Wing side of the fence. It's more analysis less direct action."

"You are pretty talented with analysis. And you do enjoy it." Robin replied.

There was a slight woo-woo sound from the foot of the bed and Carl remarked, "Looks like our four footed furry one decided to get up."

"I've got him this time." Robin said, stepping out of the bed to tend to Goliath.


To Be Continued...
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