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Re: We haven't had a conversation about tipping in awhile

MacLeod wrote: View Post
Well of course one way to remove the abiguity is to simple increase servers wages to the minimum wage, True this would add cost to the food.

As for tips then it would be the patrons decision as to whether or not to leave a tip instead of feeling under preasure to leave one.

But if servers do better out of the tipping system they wouldn't in general want to change it.

But who would benefit more from the change the consumer or the server/waiter?
That is a good question. I've heard arguments from both sides, and the biggest argument I've heard from servers is that creating standard wages and taking away the tipping system would hurt both the restaurants and the servers in the end (and the customers who have to eat the higher costs), so...

It's not that I'm not sympathetic to these issues or think there's an easy solution. But everyone has a different idea of what is expected of them! And that expectation is changing all the time.

The Green Mushroom wrote: View Post
But until that magical moment when I get to tell everyone else how to live rolls around, you have to tip and you have to tip appropriately unless the waiter does something royally bad.
Biffette wrote: View Post
In those cases I tip imo generously.
That's just the thing. Everyone has a different idea of what "tip appropriately" or "tip generously" means. And no one's satisfied with other people's definitions.

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Grey wrote: View Post

I actually wish all restaurants were like that.,,,
Yes, so do I. But since we don't, it's real annoying to have one owner of mediocre restaurants (turns out that he owns two other places that I've tried and not liked ) do it on his own and then pull an attitude when a customer politely questions it.
That's true. You think he'd be open to discussing his policies and why he implemented them rather than shutting you down and being pompous about the whole thing, especially when it's kind of an unusual system.

Rainbow Dash wrote: View Post
As for the tip itself, a hypothetical: If two plates of food comes to $40, and I tip $4.00, that's acceptable. If two plates of food come to $70, and I tip $4.00, that isn't.


Aside from the price of the food itself, what change in the service is required? Because I pay more for the food I should pay more for the service? When did "I should spend more because I'm already spending more" become a reasonable budgetary decision?
This is a really good question! I do tip by percentages but this is one of those ambiguous social rules to tipping that I don't entirely understand. I'd love to hear some more perspective on this.
Could you please continue the petty bickering? I find it most intriguing!

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