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Re: National Novel Writing Month

^ Nice! I got a lot done at the kickoff party (and met some neat people), so I'm at 7730 right now. Might write a little bit more later tonight, we'll see. I'd kinda like to get down 300-ish more words by midnight, so that I will have written more than 3000 in one day (since I'm at 2718 for today right now)

Hm, funny thing is that not a lot happens around Thanksgiving for me anymore. We used to have the whole family dinner thing, but now everyone that's left in the area does their own thing. Sometimes I'll be with my dad on the actual evening, and we'll have dinner with some friends or something, but nothing huge, and I almost never travel around that time. So for me, Thanksgiving means time off to write! It's been a "big push" time for me every Nano, especially if I'm behind going into it.
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