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Re: Is Seska Based on Hedda Gabler?

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How many assassination attempts did Paris have to fend off?
Most of the Maquis probably just saw Paris as comic relief. Chakotay was plenty pissed off at him, but wouldn't try to kill him. Chak was a real Starfleet officer before he defected, after all.

However, the Maquis - with their inevitable racial prejudice against Cardassians - would naturally focus all of their hatred on any Cardassians they found, up to and including Seska. If she had openly admitted being Cardassian right from the start, she'd have been dead in a week.
Seska would have already had sex with the most hateful racists on the ship. Made them fall in love with her, or at least eager for another booty call, and after they found out who and what she really was would have resulted in a series of conversations similar to this...

"You my hate my spoon, but you love my pussy... Although can you imagine what it's like to screw me in my spoon? Aaaaaaand now you love my spoon. Perfect. So, fuck off."
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