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Re: DS9 Caption Contest #64: Booo!

Darth Sisko: "Don't fail me again, Old Man."

Nog: "Great. Here comes crazy Garak. I bet this is the part where he kills us."

Garak: "Hello! This is the part where I kill you!"

"Wow. The Cardassians really have no idea how to build a proper water heater."

Sisko "Looks like it punched right out into space."

Bashir 1: "Ok, so the time travel was maybe not such a good idea, but you have to let me out"

Bashir 2: "I already let me out."

Bashir 1: "What? When."

Bashir 2: "Four minutes ago. In the future."

Worf: "How could they cut the power? They're animals!"

Sisko: "Stay frosty. Stay alert."
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