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Re: Federation Law of restricting cloaking device

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Simple math, actually. In "Elaan of Troyus" Enterprise is being strafed by a Klingon battle cruiser traveling "better than warp seven," a speed at which Sulu gives distance quotes that reveal the Klingon is actually moving at about 1/3rd of the speed of light. And again for The Voyage Home, where the Klingon bird of prey goes to warp in the atmosphere and takes over three minutes just to leave Earth orbit.

Goes without saying that there's some extreme variation on how fast warp speed actually is., depending on local conditions. And we still have the impression from Stargazer that wherever it was when it went it warp, it took over four seconds at warp nine to get into firing position.
You got to remember, Warp Speed Formula was different for TOS era.
YOU'VE got to remember that the warp speed formula is irrelevant and has never been consistently followed by anyone, ever.

More importantly, even the TOS formula isn't consistent with these figures, which doesn't matter much, since it wasn't devised until AFTER the series went off the air.
I blame the writing staff for not keeping things consistant.
It's not that hard.

The TNG staff and beyond did try to follow the formulas they set forth. I'm sure there are slip ups, but at least they try to be consistant on their calculations.

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