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Re: Did we know about the Borg sooner?

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(Why Guinan is on board those ships when they were apparently fleeing the Borg is beyond me, considering she was on Earth in 1893.)
Why is it so hard to accept that she returned to the vicinity of her homeworld (but she wasn't on the planet itself when the Borg attacked according to Q-Who?) sometime in the 400 years between 1893 and 2293? She had 23 marriages, "a lot" of children, an ongoing friendship with her uncle, and encounters with Q and other members of the Continuum in the 22nd century, so clearly she was traveling around a lot in those centuries.

Any number of reasons could be thought of on why Starfleet didn't exactly take notice of the fact that they'd probably tell them that the Borg destroyed their homeworld. Maybe some admirals thought that it wasn't important enough, and it quietly fell away.
They probably thought the Borg were far enough away to not be a clear and present threat worthy of creating a panic over by publicizing the information. So they started a classified database instead.

If the El-Aurian homeworld was at or near System J-25, it was over 7,000 LY from Earth somewhere beyond the Romulan Star Empire toward the Delta Quadrant. So it would seem to 2293 Starfleet like something they had plenty of lead time to deal with first, since the distance, the Romulans, and the Neutral Zone outposts would act as a buffer zone to give them early warning.

From Q-Who?:

PICARD Guinan, have your people been in this part of the galaxy?



WORF Captain, the sixth planet in the system is Class M.

DATA There is a system of roads on the planet which indicate a highly industrialized civilization. But where there should be cities there are only great rips in the surface.

WORF It is as though some great force just scooped all machine elements off the face of the planet.

DATA It is identical to what happened to the outposts along the Neutral Zone.


PICARD You are acquainted with this life form?

GUINAN Yes. My people encountered them a century ago. Our cities were destroyed -- our people scattered across the galaxy. They are called the Borg -- protect yourself or they will destroy you.
But then the Hansens are introduced, which sort of complicates matters. If some (quite possibly insane) scientist could dig up facts about the Borg, why couldn't the Enterprise-D do the same when they encountered them in the events of Q-Who?
There's no reason to conclude that the Hansen's just randomly happened upon the information about the Borg. It's more likely that the Hansen's were exobiology consultants Starfleet allowed to have access to the classified database, possibly in response to rumors of cube-shaped ships and disappearing Romulan and other ships and outposts well beyond the Romulan Neutral Zone in 2253. The Hansen's then disobeyed orders to turn back at the Neutral Zone and traveled for almost a year beyond the Neutral Zone until they encountered a cube themselves.
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